Plus ATM Security

Multivendor ATM Security Hub

M3 / D3

Internal Skimming Protection

ATM Security Hub

M1 / D1 & M2 / D2  

Inlay Skimming Protection

IoTservo real-time monitoring of ase+’s health and alarm statues

World’s first network connected anti-skimming and anti-shimming solution, ase+ is the most advanced multi vendor ATM security hub.

Whatever machine learning techniques banks are curently using, the skimming attacks are still happening with a higher loss per incident.

Every year, around 30% of ATM fraud remain undetected in time. ATM fraud detection applications or non-efficient anti-fraud hardware solutions are still being bypassed. Along with the damage to reputation, the operational expenditures of post-incident procedures generate hidden loss for banking industry.


ase+’s modular design is scalable according to ATM requisites.

ATM peripherals control




Various Sensor

Overlay Attack

Trapping Attack

Shimming and Internal Skimming Attack


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