Digital Access Management

Enterprise-wide password management. Secure and traceable.

Remote BIOS, User and IP Video camera password management for shared access endpoints.  Protect your organisation from malware and digital attacks.

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Remote BIOS Management

Centrally manage the BIOS passwords for your ATMs, Windows PCs and Servers

Benefits of remote BIOS password management

  • Unique BIOS password per client

  • Passwords are changed periodically

  • Remote bulk updates

  • Secure audit trail

  • Control boot orders

Remote User Management

Centrally manage user passwords for shared endpoints including ATMs, SSTs and Windows PCs

 Benefits of remote user password management

  • Unique and dynamic  password for each user 

  • Remote bulk updates

  • Remote addition or removal of users

  • LDAP or Active Directory synchronization

  • Secure audit trail

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