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The holistic approach of BVK’s IoTservo provides, centralized monitoring and management of BVK’s and integrated multivendor solutions. IoTservo offers scalability of the already existing or upcoming solutions of the client.

Keep an eye on all your services at once!

IoTservo for OTCaccess

IoTservo enables central management of all the users and locks. In case the locks are online, monitoring the latest events and sending commands remotely is possible.

IoTservo enables centrally managed client’s BIOS by remotely changing the passwords, changing the bootorder and updating BIOS. Compatible with the multivendor clients.

IoTservo for RBM

IoTservo enables remotely change and update the Windows log-on passwords for all Users even under workgroups

IoTservo for RUM

IoTservo enables detecting ATM fraud remotely and protection for ATM environment through remote environmental control commands.

IoTservo for ase+ and ash+

Remote Monitoring and Management Portal

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