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What is OTCaccess?

OTCaccess represents the physical world of BVK’s phygital security concept.

It is high-tech access management solution meant to address all access requirements through its wide range of smart locks.

A One Time Code is the key element of multi-factor authentication (MFA) for a determined duration.

Replace the old-fashioned physical keys, smart keys and RFID cards with OTCacces for a keyless and mobile access.

OTCaccess is the perfect entry system for large number of remote, off-site facilities for professional use.

Smart Locks

Control Units


Unlock Offline Manage Online

Once connected, monitor all BVK Smart Locks through IoTservo Management Platform




Monitor and Manage


The solution can be used online or offline. For offline uses, a mobile device can be the bridge to synchronize the lock and the server.

Security and Convenience

Automation and enhanced efficiency, streamlined customer-employee experience, and paperless operation. Increase your capacity with simple & seamless user experience.

Digital Transformation

Integrated systems for audit requirements, employee, and visitor management, avoiding manual processes. Organizational footprint, ready event data, and reporting for pre-defined audit cycles.

Audit Readiness

Role-based access rights with multi-factor authentication and one-time codes make the system reliable, convenient, traceable, and ready for auditable access.

​MFA with One Time Codes
Centralization and Efficiency

Manage all users and locks with one click from anywhere on the web. Adding or removing employees and locks in seconds via remote management.

Cost-Effective Smart Solution

Free your business from keys and eliminate lost keys, key replacement costs, and their additional operation. Profitable initial investment cost, and sustainability with a high ROI.

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OTCaccess is shaped based on your industrial and environmental requirements

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