bvk technology is Featured in the Banknotes of the World

We are happy to announce that we’ve been mentioned by Michael Lee, the CEO of ATMIA in an article he wrote for the Banknotes of the World, a monthly newsletter containing news and articles covering the currency industry and the banking community in Russia. Michael Lee commented on the recently held ATM Customer Experience & Security Summit (ACESS) and the latest security developments in the ATM industry. He emphasized the importance of combating crime as security threats and losses from the attacks increase every day. This year, we, as <bvk>, attended the ACESS along with participants from over 24 countries to move the industry forward and collaborate in every possible way. At the ACESS, we had many great visitors including Michael Lee at our booth to showcase our cutting edge solutions.

Michael Lee elaborated on as below: “Visiting their booths in the exhibition hall, I was once again convinced that there is enough innovation in our industry to keep our technology trusted and relevant for the next generation. In addition to the 2018 award winners, BVK, for example, have developed a multi-vendor electronic detection & protection solution for both motorized & dip (M3/D3) card readers to prevent attacks by deep insert skimmers and shimmers. The company has also created a multi-vendor BIOS password & Boot Order remote management solution. When I looked at all the devices and countermeasures on display I realised that our industry has developed end-to-end solutions for preventing ATM crime. The protective technology is all there – we just need operators to invest more in these solutions. AS NCR say – security is not an option. Likewise, ATMIA has a whole online library of security best practices for its 11,000 + members – but they just need to be actually implemented! “ said Micheal Lee, CEO, ATMIA. We are honored to be mentioned by Michael Lee, a opinion leader in the ATM industry. This proves that we are on the right track and we will continue working hard to develop our products to counteract the threats and attacks. We’ll keep up the good work to increase the level of security for ATM industry with our innovate products.

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