IDEF’21, one of the biggest on the globe! The countdown has begun...

The 15th International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF 2021), which will bring together many domestic and foreign defense industry companies, will be held in Istanbul on August 17-20. Recent and new technological developments will be introduced at the fair, while aiming to establish new business partnerships. As BVK, we are proud to take part in IDEF, one of the four largest defense industry fairs in the world, where Turkish defense industry products are showcased.

We are a leading technology provider, serving with innovative security solutions. We produce hardware and software, especially for security sensitive sectors such as banking. By exporting to more than 50 countries up until now, we continue to serve our customers from different parts of the world with the technologies we have pioneered.

With OTCaccess, the brand of our access management solution, we offer physical access management helping our customers to improve their security processes.

Keyless, cardless and multi-factor authentication-based access management systems with disposable codes for physical and digital access points are among the technologies that we stand out in international competition.

We enrich the access management demands in sectors such as banking, utility companies and telecommunication by combining them with the IoT world and sensor networks within the framework of international high security standards.

Technology awards, which we received from international independent organizations, also support confidence in the solutions we offer. The international recognition of the solutions and benefits we offer provide a distinct force and motivation to our company's new technology investments.

We are progressing by being aware of the evolution, and values ​​created by technology around the world. The cooperation ground provided by IDEF will undoubtedly contribute to establishing new business partnerships and new connections locally and globally. At the same time, IDEF fair paves the way for the launch of new products, technologies, and services.

As a Turkish technology company, we will continue to develop innovative and dynamic solutions all around the world.

We will be happy to introduce you to our latest innovative security solutions at booth number 1414 A4, TÜYAP Fair 14th Hall on August 17-20.

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